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DSM Dyneema not attending Safety Leadership Conference due to Irma

Atlanta, GA, USA

11 Sep 2017 to 13 Sep 2017

Due to forecast weather conditions in the Atlanta area, where the aftermath of dangerous Hurricane Irma will impact the city Monday and Tuesday, DSM Dyneema will not attend the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference.

We had earlier communicated our enthusiasm for the Conference, and were it not for potentially dangerous conditions, we certainly would be proud to participate and serve as lead sponsor of the Safety & Risk Management education track. However, as a safety-first company, we feel it is irresponsible to send our employees from areas safely outside the storm impact zone into an area likely to face tropical storm conditions. Even if the storm veers from the current forecast track, travel difficulties will abound. Further, Atlanta is likely to be one of the top evacuation destinations for those fleeing far more dangerous conditions in Florida. Cancelling hotel reservations opens up rooms for those who need them as they face uncertainty about the status of their homes, loved ones, and neighbors. 

Our organization’s perspective is that cancelling our attendance at the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference is the safest and most responsible decision.

Thank you.