Dyneema® Diamond Technology

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Comfortable cut resistance

Dyneema® Diamond Technology offers similar protection to that provided by gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel, while remaining lightweight, flexible, cool, and durable.

Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology are typically found in environments where up to level 5 protection is required. These include the steel, automotive, glass, and paper industries, as well as the emergency services, appliance manufacturing, food production, and construction. And the list is growing as word of their benefits gets out.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology offers a 200% improvement in cut resistance over standard Dyneema® fiber, making the level of protection they offer similar to that provided by gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel. But unlike reinforced with fiberglass or steel, gloves made with this advanced technology remain lightweight, flexible, cool – and they last longer too.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is the only fiber that can be used to create a comfortable, thin, supple glove that guarantees up to Level 5 protection.

Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology:

• Up to Level 5 protection

• Pick up small objects easily

• Perform precision tasks without problem

• Keep your hands cooler

• Far lighter than comparable strength aramid/fiberglass/steel gloves

• Lasts far longer than alternatives

• Easy to launder

Stats & Facts

Dyneema® performs on comfort

Dyneema® performs on cut-resistance

Dyneema® performs on durability