• Ken Read, skipper of PUMA's Mar Mostro

    “In extreme conditions the benefits of Dyneema® SK90 are obvious"

  • Lobke Berkhout, Olympic Medalist 470 class

    "Dyneema® SK90 offers peace-of-mind performance"

  • Dyneema® Max Technology

    Setting new performance standards in standing rigging.

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  • Dyneema® 360 campaign revealed

    PUMA Ocean Racing in Dyneema® 360 campaign


We’re the materials leader in sails and rigging, helping provide next-generation ropes and lines to everyone from the keen weekend amateur yachtsman to open-ocean racers and medal-winning Olympic teams.

The reason: Dyneema® fiber is extremely strong with low elongation and stretch. It doesn't absorb water so it remains light and easy to handle in all weather conditions. And ultra-thin, finely calibrated lines (like our new SK99) actually last longer, too, Despite being lighter and less bulky – improving performance and safety. Meanwhile, sails made with Dyneema® keep their shape and last longer – standing up to all that nature can throw at them. All in, it adds up to a proven, winning combination. Dyneema® is truly with you when it matters.

Dyneema® in Sailing

Yachting Lines

Dyneema® in yachting lines; thin, strong and flexible.