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Maximum depth. Dyneema® Max Technology.

Mooring at maximum depth

The future for offshore oil production is in deep and ultra-deep water. Permanent mooring lines made with Dyneema® Max Technology delivers safety and time benefits in the planning, installation and operation of deep-water production.

More choices in riser and mooring design

Introducing the strongest, lightest and most durable solution for designing permanent mooring applications. Dyneema® Max Technology is developed specifically for the offshore market and the challenges of ultra-deep water production. For more choices in mooring and riser design, installation efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership.

Mooring at Maximum Depth. Dyneema® Max Technology

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Decrease project complexity

300% stiffer than Polyester, 70% lighter, and 30% thinner. For the design phase of your project it enables more freedom in mooring concepts and more choices in riser design. And it increases vessel flexibility; you can downsize with lighter reels carrying longer lengths.