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Handle loads better with Synthetic Link Chains

World's strongest chain, made with Dyneema®

Link chains with Dyneema® mark a massive leap forward in lashing technology. They are soft, quiet, easy to handle, and safe. Simply a better way to lash outsize cargo for shipment by sea, road, rail, or air.

Versatile and user-friendly solution for operators and loads

Synthetic link chains benefit crews, cargoes, and business efficiency. They're eight times stronger and up to 85% lighter than comparable steel link chain alternatives.

  • Easier handling and positioning saves time and money 
  • Easy to shorten and less likely to damage cargo 
  • Less noisy means faster work with better communication  

Suitable for more and more industries

Synthetic chains made with Dyneema® are already used for lashing and towing in outsized cargo transport, heavy shipping, heavy trucking/hauling, fishery, and aquaculture.

Future applications include other special requirement markets like lifting, mining, defense, logging, and mooring.

Tycan® chains: made with Dyneema® to be a better way to lash cargo

Tycan® chains can be used to lash anything from a six-tonne wind turbine blade to a 600-tonne electrical transformer. Being lighter, stronger, and easier to work with, they do this more efficiently, securely, and safely than you can with steel chains. And they don’t damage cargo either. 

Visit the Tycan website

Lightest, strongest, safest

Lightest: Link chains with Dyneema® are eight times lighter than regular steel chain yet equally strong. They are also up to 85% lighter than comparable alternatives. They even float on water, and one person can work with them all day long.

Strongest: Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber™ and chains made with Dyneema® are up to eight times stronger than steel chains on a weight-for-weight basis.

Safest: Chains made with Dyneema® don't lash back if they break (unlikely), while their lightness, softness, and quietness all contribute to fewer crew accidents and less damage to cargo.

Other benefits

Quieter: Steel link chains make lots of noise. Chains made with Dyneema® are quiet.

Improved Productivity: Being stronger and lighter, link chains with Dyneema® deliver a 300% reduction in handling time and significant labor savings.

Less Damage: Steel chains are heavy and hard, resulting in damage to cargo in transit. Chains made with Dyneema® don't damage cargos.
Non-conductive: Dyneema® fiber is a natural insulator that prevents sparks in electrostatic environments. It helps protect workers and equipment from dangerous electrical currents.

More Durable: Synthetic link chains with Dyneema® cause much less wear and tear to equipment, extending lifetimes and lowering maintenance costs.

Greener: Synthetic link chains made with Dyneema® show a low carbon footprint during production, use, and end of life, which is good for people, planet, and profit.

Making the world’s strongest chains with Dyneema®

Chains are changing. Tycan® chains are as strong as steel but a massive eight times lighter. They're certified for lashing cargo, including outsize cargo, and benefit your crew, your cargo, and the efficiency of your business. A webbing made with Dyneema® is layered and twisted to create links that are as strong as hardened steel. An entire chain is light enough for one person to carry and work with. The result is the performance and flexibility of a steel chain at a fraction of the weigh, and a solution that won't damage cargo while being easier and safer to work with.

For more information and specs about synthetic link chains download the PDF below.

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Making the world’s strongest chains with Dyneema®


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The Greenest Strength™

How does choosing Dyneema® help the environment? Heavy duty chains made with Dyneema® have an 85% mass reduction compared to steel.

  • 85% material saving
  • easier & safer to work with
  • silent, no noise
Read more about The Greenest Strength™