• Introducing Dyneema® Diamond Technology

    When it comes to hand protection, we've got the fiber, know-how and resources to help create the world’s safest gloves.

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  • Comfort vs. cut resistance: why compromise?

    Protective gloves made with Dyneema® offer the highest level of cut protection, comfort, and durability in their classes.

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  • Up to Level 5 protection

    Dyneema® Diamond Technology is the only fiber that can be used to create a glove that guarantees up to Level 5 protection.

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  • Dyneema® Diamond Technology performance

    Dyneema® Diamond Technology offers similar protection to that provided by gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Let’s Create the World’s Safest Hands

Every day, people all over the world injure their hands at work. In fact, hand injuries are a leading cause of lost workdays and emergency-room visits. Hand injuries can be costly to employers and life altering for employees.

But the worst thing is that many of these injuries are easily preventable. All it takes is a good pair of gloves… And that’s the problem. Because safe gloves are usually hot gloves, uncomfortable gloves, inflexible gloves – and very soon, unworn gloves.

DSM Dyneema understands innovation. And when it comes to hand protection, we've got the fiber, know-how and resources to help the world’s leading work-glove manufacturers make the world’s safest gloves. Hand protection gloves that are just as effective as the alternatives in their categories – yet more comfortable, more dexterous, more practical, and so more likely to be worn.

Made with Dyneema® is creating the world’s safest hands

Today we offer cut-resistant gloves with regular Dyneema® and extra-strong Dyneema® Diamond Technology. And while the fibers differ, the concept is the same: to help glove manufacturers create cut-resistant gloves that are strong, tough, comfortable, flexible, cool, and light. Gloves that don’t feel like gloves, yet which offer equivalent or better protection than their competitors. Gloves that are safe. The safest.

Level 3 protection with regular Dyneema® fiber

Cut-resistant gloves made with standard Dyneema® fiber protect up to cut level 3. What’s more, they last longer than the alternatives because like all gloves made with Dyneema®, they can be laundered and used again and again.

Level 5 protection with Dyneema® Diamond Technology

Need even higher performance? We have a fiber for that too. Dyneema® Diamond Technology is a breakthrough technology that shares all the comfort and dexterity benefits of regular Dyneema® fiber, but cranks the protection all the way up to cut level 5.

Let’s create the world’s safest hands

Protective gloves made with Dyneema® offer the highest level of cut protection, comfort, and durability in their classes. Cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® significantly reduce days lost to injury, so boosting productivity. And they last much, much longer before needing to be replaced so they are more likely to be with you when you need them. Just another way we’re helping to create the world’s safest hands.

More about Dyneema® Diamond Technology in cut resistant gloves

Dyneema® Diamond Technology

Dyneema® Diamond Technology; increased cut-resistance without compromising comfort and considerable thinner fibers.

Take a look at all benefits

Cut-resistant Gloves made with Dyneema®

Cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® are light, comfortable and cool to the touch, adapting to the body’s heat.

Find out how Dyneema® performs on comfort, cut-resistance and durability.

Zero Excuses with Protective Gloves

Wear your gloves! How many times do you need to hear it before you stop making excuses and start doing what you need to do to protect your hands?

Read more about DSM Dyneema’s hand safety campaign.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology versus Fiberglass

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is 40% lighter than comparable aramid fibers and 200% more cut resistant than standard Dyneema®. More about the differences between Dyneema® Diamond Technology and Fiberglass