• Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology

    Discover the major advance in the overall weight, comfort and freedom of movement.

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  • Radical innovation in Vehicle Armor

    Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology 100% Protection. Now 25% lighter

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  • Introducing Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology

    It's not just a new standard. It's a revolution in ballistic armor protection. The biggest leap in performance ever announced.

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  • Dyneema® in Vehicle Armor

    Dyneema® meets the challenge on Land, Air, or Sea

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Dyneema® in Military and Law Enforcement

If you're designing ballistic armor of any kind, welcome to the greatest transformation our generation has ever seen. Not only are there revolutionary new choices in materials and engineering, the armor industry's entire business model is shifting as well. Yesterday's procurement methods are gone. In fact, life protection markets are shifting, region-by-region, into a whole new landscape.The lesson? Innovate or perish!

DSM Dyneema understands innovation

And when it comes to Life Protection, we've got the products, the know-how, the resources, the global connections—and the team—to help you succeed.  Our ability to adapt to shifting demands—and to help our customers succeed—is well proven.  We're known to be "with you when it matters."

No matter what your business or technology challenges may be, DSM Dyneema will work hard to help you thrive under today's transformed market.

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Dyneema® in Military & Law Enforcement

Vehicle Armor

Have a look at how vehicle armor with Dyneema® delivers an outstanding level of protection against existing and emerging threats.