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Dyneema® Hybrid Composites

Vibration-absorbing and shatter-resistant carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is strong, light, and stiff, but it’s also prone to vibration and shattering. Dyneema® is strong and light – plus it damps vibration and resists shattering. Combine the two and you get a breakthrough material that imagines a new world of applications.

A higher level hybrid

Dyneema® Carbon is a hybrid composite of carbon and Dyneema® fiber that overcomes pure carbon’s tendency to shatter under impact. This limitation makes pure carbon unsuitable for applications in which impact loads are a risk. But combine carbon fiber with Dyneema® fiber and you can engineer composites that handle impact forces 50% to 100% better than carbon alone.

  • Less vibration – Dyneema® absorbs energy whereas pure carbon transmits it
  • More ductile – Dyneema® Carbon composites are more ductile and can be shatterproof, whereas pure carbon shatters under excessive impact
  • Lighter – Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites are lighter than pure carbon, without compromising performance

Discover Dyneema® Carbon

The carbon fiber composite that absorbs vibrations and impacts


Dyneema® Carbon applications

Dyneema® Carbon can be used in any application that could benefit from the stiffness and low weight of pure carbon, but also requires the vibration-absorption and ductility of Dyneema®. Carbon hybrid composites can contain different amounts of Dyneema®, which makes it possible to adjust the precise balance of impact strength, vibration dampening, and weight.

Working with Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites can improve the ductility of sports equipment and components, and make them better at absorbing vibrations. Think of tennis racquets, golf clubs and hockey sticks, where reducing vibrations improves player feel and control. Or making the components and equipment used in motorsport, cycling, and sailing more ductile, so they don’t shatter in an accident but maintain their structural integrity, so improving comfort and safety for the people using them.

Designing with Dyneema® Carbon

Dyneema® is combined with carbon fiber to make a fabric that can be tailored to meet a variety of performance requirements. Discover some early adopters.



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