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FISP, one of the most comprehensive events in the safety sector

São Paulo, Brazil

05 Oct 2016 to 07 Oct 2016

Experience the latest innovations in hand protection with cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® by visiting Yeling at booth #613 during FISP.

Luvas Yeling

Founded in 1980, Yeling is currently the leading manufacturer of knit gloves in Brazil. They offer products with high standards of quality, technology and protection for industrial, manual and domestic work, making sure your hands are always strong, safe and comfortable during tasks without the sensation of wearing gloves.

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Enhanced protection with Dyneema® Diamond Technology

Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology deliver maximum cut protection with much more dexterity and comfort. This innovative material from DSM Dyneema results in gloves workers want to wear, and zero excuses for bare hand exposure to cut hazards.

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Hand Safety:
We can do better.

70% of hand injuries would be avoided if workers wore protective gloves, industry safety experts say. But many workers don't - with discomfort the top reason for employees neglecting this critical protective equipment.

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