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Versatile, customizable Accessories

Set new standards for weight, strength, and endurance

Innovative outdoor, sports and lifestyle brands are using Dyneema® fabrics for multiple types of high-tech accessories. Accessories where high strength to weight, stretch resistance, versatility, and customization options add up to a powerfully appealing differentiator.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear: go faster by going lighter

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is committed to research, development and staying ahead with the latest advances in materials technology. The company’s focus is on durable and ultralight gear, like backpacks made from a 210D nylon fabric reinforced with Dyneema®.

For Hyperlite, working with Dyneema®, is about eliminating the unnecessary so you can move faster, lighter, and more efficiently, which truly increases the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Outlier: the toughest backpack in its weight class

Thanks to the use of a non-woven Dyneema® fabric, the Ultrahigh Backpack from Outlier is exceptionally light, stable, and well-balanced. For Outlier, the key attraction of using Dyneema® is that, unlike other synthetic fibers, Dyneema® barely deforms or stretches.

The result is a dimensionally stable bag that dampens rather than amplifies shifting loads, so making it easier to carry.

CiloGear: craft manufactured load carriers

Many of the best alpinists and climbers in the world use CiloGear packs on the most demanding routes in the most rugged conditions. And CiloGear uses Dyneema®. The company prides itself on producing less than 3% waste materials – and creating the best packs in the business.

Mountain Laurel Designs: super-ultralight philosophy

Mountain Laurel Designs’ philosophy is Simplicity, Self-reliance, and Adventure. The company's goal has always been to offer the lightest fully functional backpacking and wilderness travel. It delivers with backpacks, bivy bags, packing cubes, stuff sacks, and more made with Dyneema® fiber.

Reebok 20K: cut-resistant ice hockey socks

From peewee level to professional, ice hockey is a fast, exciting, and dangerous game. Sharp skates, a rock-hard puck, and heavy duty wooden sticks can do real damage to vulnerable areas like ankles. With player safety in mind, DSM Dyneema and Reebok set out to create the world’s strongest hockey sock. One tough enough to stand up to sharp skate blades. While also being cool and comfortable. The result is the Reebok 20K.

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