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Ultrastrong and lightweight high performance apparel

More comfort and protection from fewer layers

Dyneema® fabric’s unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding abrasion resistance and durability are helping eliminate the need for traditional, heavy layers in all kinds of activities.

Today we're working with leading brands to create a new generation of fabrics.

Cycling shorts with Dyneema®

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Cycling shorts with Dyneema®

The one fear all cyclists share is crashing or falling off their bikes. And for every cyclist, professional or amateur, the thigh is a very vulnerable part of the body. In 2015, Team Sunweb and DSM teamed up to design new cycling shorts that protect this area. Containing Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber, these shorts provide maximum protection without compromising comfort. This one-two win reduces the risk of serious injuries and enhances the pleasure of cycling. Watch the video to see how.  

Black Yak outdoor jacket

Black Yak is well-known among professional mountaineers for making clothing and outdoor equipment of exceptional quality. Now the company is taking high altitude trail running, climbing, and snow sports to new and more extreme levels. And it's using strong yet lightweight Dyneema® Composite fabrics to do it.  

The North Face jacket

The North Face (Japan) created two versions of their popular Trango Parka featuring Dyneema® composite fabric. One in grey, and another in a specially dyed black. The jacket is reversible and with a thin layer of padding. This limited collection is only available through The North Face Japan.

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