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Stronger and safer Crane Rope

Ropes with Dyneema® outperform steel wire rope

More and more companies in which lifting is central are realizing that there is a better alternative to steel wire rope. Ropes with Dyneema® handle higher payloads yet weigh 80% less than steel wire rope at the same strength.

Increasing productivity and safety

Crane rope with Dyneema® shows no elasticity during lifting, is torque free, and can carry bigger payloads, so it's safer to use - for crews and equipment.


  • More payload, no lubrication, no fishhooks compared to steel wire rope
  • Suited as replacement of wire rope
  • Due to its lightweight much faster to inspect and replace

The first synthetic line for mobile cranes

The Samson K-100™ synthetic mobile crane line brings the advantages of synthetic fiber lines to mobile crane operators. The rope offers the same load pull and load chart as wire. It's 80% lighter than comparable wire, won't rust, and requires no lubing. It also won't kink, bird cage, or dive on the winch drum.

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Exceptionally low creep performance with Dyneema® Max Technology

The exceptionally low and predictable creep characteristics of Dyneema® Max Technology extend the range of applications to long-term permanently loaded systems. Even better, the elongation is easy to model using our Creep Design Tool. This enables engineers to treat creep elongation as just another design parameter.

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Dyneema® XBO Technology

Rope made with HMPE fiber already outperforms other synthetic fibers on bending performance. Now, with Dyneema® XBO Technology, HMPE ropes can have similar bending performance as specialty steel wire ropes. Result: Dyneema® XBO Technology significantly extends the service life of HMPE ropes under extreme bending conditions. 

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Where to buy

Only crane ropes made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your crane ropes with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.