International week of narrow textiles

3월 2016 Synthetic Link Chains
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International week of narrow textiles
March, 14-18
Niederrhein, Germany

Discover what’s next in webbing designs with Dyneema®

The International Week of Narrow Textiles is one of the key events in the field of narrow fabrics. And we’ll be there, with exciting scientific insights into UHMWPE webbings and their application for synthetic link chains.

Impressive list of advantages

Webbings made with UHMWPE are the key semi-finished good in manufacturing synthetic link chains for climbing, load securing, towing, and rescue. Today’s UHMWPE webbings enable the long list of advantages of synthetic chains. These include being stronger, lighter, and safer than steel chains, faster and easier to handle and position, quieter, softer and so less likely to damage cargo, and resistant to seawater and chemicals. Synthetic link chains also withstand shock loads without stretching, float in water, and are electrically non-conductive. Applications range from heavy shipping and road transportation to fishing, crash testing, installation, and defense.

Take a look at what’s coming

During the International Week of Narrow Textiles, DSM Dyneema’s Dietrich Wienke will give a presentation on the latest advances in UHMWPE webbing use. This will include a sneak peek at upcoming smart UHMWPE webbing designs that make it possible to create more efficient, next-generation synthetic link chains.

Dietrich’s presentation, ‘Woven UHMWPE Fiber Belts for Synthetic Link Chains,’ is on March 17, at 16.25, during the Mönchengladbach Narrow Weaving Colloquium at Richard Wagner Strasse, Raum ZE 34-35, Mönchengladbach.

Meet us during the Week of Narrow Textiles

Want to meet Dietrich during the International Week of Narrow Textiles? You can set up a meeting by calling him on +31 6 53428452 or emailing him at

You can find out more about the International Week of Narrow Textiles, March 14-18, here.