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Somos® materials: From imagination to design

In the competitive world of product design development, the right prototyping choice is the key to success. For the speed, accuracy and functional testing you need, stereolithography (SL) is one of the most efficient and effective prototyping technologies available. DSM is the stereolithography solutions leader, supporting OEMs and service bureaus to design whatever the imagination can create…

Somos® Expertise

Our Somos® materials have earned a global reputation for providing the 3D Printing community with groundbreaking, high-performance materials to fit just about every application. Our dedicated team members have an average of 10 years’ experience in the specialized area of SL and are able to provide creative solutions for your next design project.

Your long-term partner

Our Somos® team is committed to partnering with you throughout the lifespan of your project to ensure its success. From determining upfront which 3D Printing technology is right for you, to discussing the pros and cons of various material options, we’re with you every step of the way.

The solutions leader

Turning your latest design into a quality end product calls for a comprehensive solution. DSM is the stereolithography innovation leader, helping you match the right approach with the best materials to ensure success.

Fast Technical Service

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