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Somos® BioClear: Clearing the way for progress

Using stereolithography materials in the medical industry has always presented a problem due to their fragile nature and lack of certifications. DSM is now making this a possibility with Somos® BioClear, a stereolithography material that produces the clearest parts with the security of ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, USP Class VI certifications and tracking & tracing of original suppliers.


Benefits for 3D Printing

Surgeons can now use clear, customizable cutting guides to ensure proper placement and provide more accurate surgeries. Not only will this decrease the recovery times for patients, it can also lessen the chances for a repeat procedure—lowering total costs for the facility, surgeon, and patient.


Parts created with Somos® BioClear are designed for medical applications that are non-implant and have limited contact with the body such as device prototyping. They are shatter-resistant so they won’t break during shipping, accidental dropping, or during a surgical procedure.

User Guide

Access the Somos® BioClear User Guide to get a complete overview of how best to handle, process and post-process the material.