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Somos® Element: The investment casting material

Through continuous interaction with our customers, pattern makers and foundries, Somos® has developed Somos® Element as the next generation of stereolithography resins specifically designed for producing Investment Casting patterns.
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Key Benefits for 3D Printing

  • Very clean burnout with low residual ash
  • Low viscosity
  • Dimensionally stable


Somos® Element is a new antimony-free SL material that has been specifically created to improve the repeatability and quality of 3D printed casting patterns.

Patterns created with Somos® Element have strong green strength, are dimensionally stable during storage and leave a minimal amount of ash residue after burnout. Any residue that is left behind is easily removed, leaving a perfectly clean void in the ceramic mold. This translates into less mold prep and lower rates of rework saving customers time and money.