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The high heat resistant automotive plastic for air management systems

Stanyl® Diablo is our high performance polyamide 46 proven to extend the life of Under The Hood components like charge air cooler end caps, air Intake manifolds, air intake ducts, turbo exhaust resonators and engine covers.
Stanyl Diablo

This high heat resistant automotive plastic enables metal, PPA and  PPS replacement in air management systems - with the latest grade Stanyl Diablo HDT2700 delivering a 3,000 hour continuous use temperature of up to 230°C, and a HDT of 267°C: Which is ideal for components like vibration-welded air ducts where ageing performance is critical.

With its lower weight, Stanyl Diablo helps you reduce both fuel consumption and resultant carbon emissions while retaining excellent tensile strength retention and impact resistance.

Reducing system costs in automotive plastics

The latest grade Stanyl Diablo HDT2700 have outstanding resistance to chemicals and gases in EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems; plus excellent processing properties that create finished parts with high burst pressure weld-line strength and a high quality surface finish.

DSM also offers a Stanyl Diablo specifically for blow molded applications at this high temperature. This Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM is the first high temperature polyamide for blow molded ducts and used in air ducts it reduces weight significantly compared to metal or PPS and can handle continuous temperature up to 230°C.

Its sister material, Akulon Diablo operates at slightly lower temperatures and can also be blow molded or injection molded and is easy for you to process

The result: Reduced cycle times and lower system costs.