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Fast and easy processing

Stanyl® offers fast and easy processing with excellent moisture resistance and good flow properties which make it ideal for producing components with thinner walls.
Reduction of water uptake of Stanyl GF and competitive materials at several anneal conditions

Managing moisture during processing is a major challenge for manufacturers during melt processing. High moisture content can lead to unsightly splash masks or ‘silver streaks’ on the surface of the final part and can in extreme cases lead to the material degrading and dropping in viscocity.

Stanyl presents no such problems because we supply the material in dry, airtight, moisture-proof bags (if it does come into contact with the air for prolonged periods and moisture gets absorbed, you should ensure it dries out before processing – you can refer to our latest guidelines on this for more information).

Processing guidelines

Processing guidelines can be found in the product data sheets section (check the ‘Description’ tabsheet).