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Making the case for ForTii®

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ForTii is being used for a wide range of applications - from Under The Hood components in cars to LED lighting, to connectors in the electronics segment.

Our ForTii product family meets stringent environmental requirements but it does far more – addressing the major industry trends for greater functionality and sustainability.


Halogen free

ForTi® is entirely halogen free, which makes it perfectly suited to the growing need in the consumer electronics industry for materials that are safe and sustainable.


Laser direct structuring

As miniaturization and convergence continue to drive the electronics industry, so Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) grows in popularity by enabling smaller designs with integrated functionalities. Enter ForTii®.


Lead free compatibility

The days of lead-based products are clearly numbered. Even in segments where lead isn’t yet prohibited…it soon will be. This is where ForTii benefits manufacturers through its ability to withstand the extreme temperatures of the lead-free soldering reflow process.


DDR3 / DDR4 connectors

The next generation of DDR4 memory connectors from leading Taiwanese manufacturer LOTES has been built using our own ForTii® H11 polyamide 4T for the all-important housing. 

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Our ForTii® polyamide 4T is now being used by leading Swiss electronics specialist Cicor in its next generation of three dimension molded interconnect devices (3D-MIDs).


Terminal blocks

The very latest grade of our unique material - ForTii T11 - is ideal for printed circuit board (PCB) terminal blocks based on fast-emerging Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

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