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Our ForTii® polyamide 4T is now being used by leading Swiss electronics specialist Cicor in its next generation of three dimension molded interconnect devices (3D-MIDs) for safeguarding data security in the banking industry. 
Close-up of a 3D-MID device

What makes ForTii particularly ideal for these important and demanding electronic components is its ability to combine mechanical and functional benefits: ForTii stays strong in the most extreme temperatures, yet offers outstanding plating performance.

This in turn enables engineers to produce more compact and versatile designs, suitable for different assembly environments and usages. In fact, Cicor’s compact, high security 3D-MID is providing better protection than conventional PCB solutions while meeting the latest PCI PTS POI V3 standard (Payment Card Industry/PIN Transaction Security/Point of Interaction Version 3).

As Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) becomes increasingly common for 3D-MID components, ForTii will continue to offer manufacturers a high performance material they can truly rely on…