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Leading the way in lead-free compatibility

The days of lead-based products are clearly numbered. Even in segments where lead isn’t yet prohibited…it soon will be. Enter ForTii® and specifically its ability to withstand the extreme temperatures of the lead-free solder reflow process.
Small printed circuit board held between thumb and finger

Soldering without lead results in a higher melt temperature of the solder pastes, which in turn increases the processing temperature for soldering electronic assemblies. ForTii can perform in these extreme conditions of up to 260°C for the reflow soldering of surface mount processes.

The result: No warpage or blistering due to bad solder joints. In fact thanks to its excellent mechanical properties,  ForTii is ideal for higher temperatures soldering in extreme temperatures even for long (DDR4) or flat (memory card) connectors.


We subjected our F11 grade of ForTii to series of tough blister tests, benchmarked against traditionally used materials by putting several hundred connector boxes through their paces.
The Connector boxes had varying thickness (0.8mm to 1.6mm) and the materials were reflowed three times at 260oC. The result: ForTii didn’t blister during reflow soldering. In fact it outperformed all the other halogen-free polyamides.

ForTii always meets the JEDEC 2 classification, which allows for a one year unprotected shelf life; and our F11 grade meets JEDEC 1 in most cases (depending on the application) which allows for unlimited shelf life.