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ForTii : A unique balance of properties

ForTii® offers you high melt temperature (325ºC), high glass transition temperature (125ºC), high stiffness and low moisture absorption. By combining the high performance with reduced moisture uptake, ForTii beats PPAs and LCPs in many respects…
Hand soldering an SMD component on a printed circuit board


ForTii is ideal for the most demanding surface mount technology (SMT) applications.


Thermal camera image of 4 standing persons

Thermal properties

ForTii has high stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.


Detail of tensile test equipment

Mechanical properties

ForTii has high weld line strength that beats LCP and doesn’t crack.


Electronic schematic and multimeter

Electrical performance

ForTii provides excellent electrical performance.


Memory card connector next to ruler

Dimensional stability

ForTii combines low moisture absorption with low thermal expansion.


Flasks filled with liquids in various colors

Chemical resistance

ForTii is resistant to all commonly used fluids in automotive, including CaCl2.