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ForTii: Handling the heat

ForTii® offers great heat performance in both the short-term (reflow soldering, HDT) and the long term - which makes it extremely suitable for both E&E and automotive applications. It’s also available in halogen-free FR grades meeting UL94-V0 at very thin thicknesses (0.2 mm).

In the short term, the aromatic structure of ForTii combined with our unique C4 chemistry results in a polymer with a very high melting point of 325°C, complete with high stiffness all the way. This in turn makes the heat distortion temperature for  ForTii grades among the best in the industry.

infographic of Short term thermal stability - HDT-A


The long term heat ageing performance of ForTii meets and usually exceeds that of current semi-crystalline polyamides.

Infographic Heath ageing performance - Half Life Time

Flammability rating

Because of its aromatic structure, ForTii has good flame retardant properties, thus reducing the need for flame retardants to a bare minimum. Our specialist grades have:

  • UL 94-V0 down to 0.2mm;
  • GWFI=960°C and GWIT>800°C acc IEC 60335-1 and VDE certification.

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