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The trusted leader for high-performance UV-curable fiber optic materials...

Video-streaming, new web applications and connected devices are fueling consumer demand for content anytime, anywhere, and creating a surge of bandwidth demand for today’s fixed and mobile network operators.

Fiber optic coatings from DSM

Optical fiber coatings are one of the critical components of high-speed fiber networks. There would be no high-speed Internet today without high-performance coating systems from DSM.

In the fast-paced world of optical fiber and cable manufacturing, DSM has been a trusted leader for more than four decades. We were there at the inception of the industry, designing the very first UV-curable fiber coatings that would make mass fiber production possible, and we’ve been there ever since— working with leading fiber and cable manufacturers to bring the latest material advancements to the world’s telecommunications market.

Today DeSolite® Supercoatings is the industry leading coating solution for fiber protection worldwide. Around the globe, DSM is protecting network investments for the future.

DSM's newest DeSolite® Supercoating delivers heightened speed and efficiency to the wet-on-wet process