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Technical video series

Why does fiber matter?

DSM: World Leader in Fiber Optic Coatings. Video>

Draw Tower Simulator

DSM has employed its one of a kind draw tower simulator at its USA site in Elgin, Illinois to support customer processing needs. Video>

Dynamic mechanical analysis

To characterize secondary coating in-situ modulus and the on-fiber glass transition temperatures of primary and secondary coatings, DSM employs a high-end Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA). Video>

Fourier Transform Infrared Technique

FTIR or, Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, testing is used for identification of a variety of materials, as well as for taking degree-of-cure and rate-of-cure measurements. Video>

Inking and Ribbon line

DSM’s site in Elgin, Illinois is home an inking line for use in the design validation of new, innovative Fiber Optic Materials that keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology. Video>

Microbending winding and measurements

How a coating system protects an optical fiber from microbending stresses. Video>


There is a need to see how optical fibers behave under certain temperature conditions. For this observation, a temperature-controlled microscope stage is used. Video>

Real Time Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

A new test method known as Real Time Dynamic Mechanical Analysis or RTDMA was developed by DSM to characterize the cure speed of primary coating. Video>

Strip force measurements

As fiber reaches deep into the access networks and to the home, it is critical that field technicians are able to quickly execute new fiber connections. DSM has the capability of measuring strip force per IEC 60793-1-32 and FOTP 178. Video>