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Fiber optic materials by DSM: DeSolite®, Cablelite®, and Bufferlite®

Today, the optical fiber industry depends on signal strength and reliability protected by a complete line of products from DSM. Besides the latest generation DeSolite® Supercoatings these previous generation materials, DeSolite® , Cablelite® , and Bufferlite® , set the industry standard for fiber protection and identification worldwide.
Close up view of illuminated fiber optic cable



The DeSolite® product family is designed for robust processing (either wet-on-dry or wet-on-wet), low attenuation and excellent field performance.


The Bufferlite® product line consists of materials that can be utilized for upjacketing the fiber to 500um and 900um by a fast one step processing on a slightly modified UV coloring line. The materials display excellent strip performance allowing for reduced termination times.


The Cablelite® product line includes materials for inking, producing ribbons and multi-fiber units.

Cablelite® inks

Cablelite® inks are optimized for loose tube and ribbon designs. They are fast curing, display robust processing (at various line speeds) with consistent cure, and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) resistance for all 12 colors.

Cablelite® matrix

Cablelite® matrix materials can be utilized for various ribbon designs and include materials for subunit ribbon assemblies. Display outstanding ribbon break-out with the Cablelite® ink series. Also have very low water sensitivity and excellent low temperature performance.

Cablelite® multi-fiber

Cablelite® multi-fiber unit materials consist of a series of materials utilized for both blown fiber (EPFU) and compact fiber units (CFU). They consist of a soft inner material that is durable and moisture resistance. The outer matrix can be clear or pigmented with excellent bending radius and blowable for duct installation.

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