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Bandwidth surge requires higher performing optical fiber networks

The volume of data transmitted over broadband networks is expected to increase more than tenfold in the next several years. New applications and video-streaming are fueling consumer demand for home, office and mobile content. Therefore, making the right investments today will future-proof us for generations.
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Due to copper wire’s limited bandwidth capacity, network owners are deploying fiber optic cable in both greenfield and brownfield installations. CAPEX spend on Fiber-to-the-Premise access technology is expected to reach $144.2 billion by 2019.

These massive Fiber-to-the-Premise initiatives require optical fiber to perform at higher levels than ever before. Fiber coatings are critical to this effort, enabling fiber to withstand the rigors of deployment over long distances and in demanding environments, as well as maintain long-term, reliable signal even with growing bandwidth demands.

Fiber coatings help ensure that an optical signal can travel more reliably, with less interruption or distortion. In fact, fiber optic coatings are so critical to fiber performance that there would be no high-speed Internet today without them.

Today’s bandwidth requirements are being met by next-generation advances in fiber coatings technology from DSM.

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