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Intellectual Property Protection

It has come to the attention of DSM Functional Materials that there is active infringement of its intellectual property in the field of optical fiber coatings, a critical technology used in the manufacture and performance of optical fiber and cable.

DSM Functional Materials has made significant innovation investments to advance the telecommunications industry globally. To protect such proprietary assets, DSM Functional Materials will not only vigorously defend its intellectual property rights but actively pursue all legal means to enforce against these illegal activities.

“DSM is confident in the strength of its patent portfolio. Our business has always been focused on bringing new and innovative products to our customers and the telecommunications industry. Developing and protecting intellectual property is a key component of our strategy to support our significant investments.” Rob Crowell, President DSM Functional Materials.

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DSM Functional Materials
DSM Functional Materials is focused on the development of UV curable materials and has been a trusted leader for developing fiber optic coatings for over 20 years. We were there at the start of the industry working with leading fiber and cable manufacturers to bring the latest material advancements to the world’s telecommunications market. Our latest generation of fiber coatings, DeSolite® Supercoatings, have been designed to help telecommunication network owners get the highest levels of signal reliability and field performance from their optical fiber.