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High Performance Gears

Gear knowledge center

Alternatively, explore our gear knowledge center which provides key information and data on the properties that matter most to gear design, including stiffness, wear and friction, fatigue, aging in oil and other fluids, and performance at temperature. You might find the solution to your particular problem at your fingertips.    

We also have information on gear-testing capabilities at DSM Research, as well as downloads of technical papers, data sets and press releases.

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The best solution

Stanyl continues to provide the best solution for the whole range of high-performance gears, whether you are seeking to reduce weight, emissions or noise, or improve safety.

We aim to be your first choice in the development of world-beating gears, e-motors, gerotors, actuators or other pump components providing a complete portfolio of grades, including:

  • Unfilled for reduced noise and wear
  • High-glass content for the optimum mix of wear, stiffness and value-for-money
  • Specialty for maximum stiffness and wear

You can look through our testimonials for some real-world examples of how we solve problems.

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Testing capabilities

Our world-class gear testing capabilities at DSM Research enable you to model your gears before production or use our unique testing apparatus in Geleen, the Netherlands, to put prototype gears through their paces.

So, whether you are looking for solutions in automobile motor management actuators, starter motors, automotive comfort actuators, engines, or elsewhere, we urge you to contact our expert in your region.

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