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Our goal is to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing and help accelerate the adoption of 3D printing, creating brighter lives for all through sustainable high-performance materials, experienced people with knowledge of applications and 3D printing processes. To truly accelerate adoption, we are creating an ecosystem by partnering with printer manufacturers, material companies, service bureaus, software providers and end users/Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as embracing new business models where opportunities arise. 

Adaptive3D’s Soft ToughRubber™, a new 3D printable photopolymer, and Elastic ToughRubber™ are developed by Adaptive3D and commercialized by DSM.

Together, DSM and AMT will focus efforts on solutions that include DSM’s filament and powder materials and AMT’s post-processing technology.

Both DSM and BAC are convinced that integrating 3D printing in car manufacturing will allow for the creation of parts that are lighter, stronger and customizable to customer needs. Together, the companies are co-developing innovative 3D printed applications for the BAC Mono R supercar.

DSM and CEAD Group are co-developing fused granulate fabrication materials and exploring the potential of this technology for various industries. Along with Royal HaskoningDHV, CEAD Group and DSM designed the first lightweight 3D printed FRP pedestrian bridge prototype using a composite material, leading a revolution in bridge construction and design

CHG and DSM are working to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing through TriCollective, a 3D printer leasing program. Through TriCollective, CHG and DSM remove potential financial and knowledge barriers, enabling the growth of sustainable design and the digital manufacturing process.

Chromatic and DSM are expanding thermoset materials for 3D printing of finished manufactured goods, offering adaptability, durability and resilience not possible with thermoplastics used in conventional 3D printing processes. Along with German RepRap, the three partners will ensure manufacturers across a range of industries will have access to the resources and expertise needed to print using Chromatic’s line of polyurethane materials. 

The combination of DSM’s high-performance additive manufacturing grades with e-Xstream engineering’s (part of Hexagon) accurate printing process simulation solution allows manufacturers and end users to identify potential design and manufacturing issues before printing their application. This prevents wasted materials and time, plus saves on overall cost, avoiding rounds of trial and error.

In partnership with DSM and Chromatic, German RepRap will make its printing equipment and expertise accessible to manufacturers who opt to use Chromatic's line of flexible, high-performance polyurethane elastomer materials. 

JuggerBot 3D and DSM offer 3D printing programs for companies to evaluate engineering grade materials in industrial-grade filament and pellet printers without the upfront investment. Along with BDI Additive, the three companies completed an end-of-arm tooling case study, plus JuggerBot 3D and DSM hosted a webinar exploring the differences between filament and pellet printing.

Origin and DSM are working together to optimize DSM’s unique photopolymer materials for Origin’s ‘programmable photopolymerization’ (P3) technology. The first DSM material optimized for Origin’s printer is Somos® PerFORM HW. 

Royal HaskoningDHV, an independent international engineering and project management consultancy, worked with CEAD Group and DSM to design the first lightweight 3D-printed FRP pedestrian bridge prototype. The companies are shaping the future of bridges, from design and construction to maintenance and operation, enabling higher performance, improved sustainability, greater circularity, reduced time-to-market and a longer lifecycle. 

RPS is a UK-based 3D printer manufacturer and producer of the NEO800, a large-format stereolithography open-resin system. Together, DSM connects their high-tech stereolithography resins with RPS’ cutting-edge hardware to optimize future material development and to create new, innovative applications. The RPS NEO800 SL hardware is available as part of DSM’s TriCollective, offering customers the guidance, support and flexibility required to help with future additive manufacturing investment.

The partnership between DSM and Shapeways is focused on bringing together Shapeways’ proprietary technology and digital manufacturing expertise and DSM’s cutting-edge materials. On-demand printing with Shapeways is now offered for applications using Arnite® T AM1210 (P).

As part of its alliance with DSM, Stratasys offers customers recipes for Somos® stereolithography resins, commercially available directly from the company. Together, the companies aim to expand the choice for customers to meet application performance demands.

Combining DSM’s materials knowledge with Ultimaker’s insights gives end users access to a broader scope of professional applications and allows the ability to print with the Ultimaker Cura using preconfigured settings. Additionally, in collaboration with DSM and Twikit, Ultimaker printers are part of an end-to-end solution, printing customized orthotics and prosthetics.

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