Moving from a linear to a more circular economy

Let’s Manufacture Tomorrow. With Sustainability as our compass.

Mankind has been manufacturing to a point where human-made materials now outweigh the overall living biomass on Earth. Luckily, new technologies are on our side. Additive manufacturing is one of them. It lets us rethink how we create, use and re-use things. By building parts layer by layer, and only using the material that is needed. By localizing supply chains and making manufacturing processes more efficient. Moving from a linear to a more circular economy.

Today, we can embrace these rich possibilities of tomorrow. Making better choices for next generations. Because tomorrow is great. You just have to know how to navigate it.

Unexplored territory

Many companies have the will to be more sustainable. But where to start? What’s the first step? Can you really make an impact? It’s challenging to find the answers when you’re operating within a specific part of the larger value chain. To invest in sustainability, while its value often remains unclear. This struggle can freeze us, discouraging our actions to change. Let’s not allow this to happen. We all have a role to play.

Think big

At DSM we help companies to think holistically. Beyond their part of the value chain. Using additive manufacturing, we empower our customers to find sustainable solutions that have a positive impact. Not just on the world, but on the business side of things too.

By accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing, we’ve set off this journey to a better tomorrow. We talk the talk, and we also walk the walk. Thinking beyond our role as a material science company. Collaborating with other players in the industry, like printer manufacturers. Sharing our expertise to help companies who see the potential of additive manufacturing. If we want to get things done, we need to collaborate. And think big.

Start small

By taking one step at a time, we make sustainability tangible. We work on material innovations that are bio-based, recycled or recyclable. Combining our expertise in materials, applications and printing, we help rethink designs. Those of foot bridges for example. By looking at the full picture, we help our customers to improve products and production processes.

Together with our partners, we use Life Cycle Assessment tools to measure carbon footprint. From materials to application to end-of-life. Combined with digital tools, this opens the door to traceability of materials. And eventually to a full value circle. It’s in projects like these that we learn and evolve. Step by step.

Courage and creativity

We can’t create a better world for everyone just by ourselves. We need you. Companies with a similar mindset. With the courage to stand up and the creativity to rethink. To work towards full circularity. Not all questions have answers yet, but together we’re on the right path. The journey has begun. With sustainability as our compass.

Let’s Manufacture Tomorrow.

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