Webinar on demand: Make the Most of Stereolithography with RPS and DSM

Transform Industrial Production: Make the Most of Stereolithography with RPS Neo Open System Printers and DSM Resins

Join RPS and DSM to find out how customers choosing the open resin Neo stereolithography 3D printer and DSM resins are making an impact within the industry. Verified to run Somos® resins, the Neo stereolithography 3D printer is perfectly matched to print parts with outstanding smooth side wall quality, crisp accuracy and detail.

  • Find out how customers are successfully using the Neo 3D printer and DSM resins to print prototypes and rapid tooling
  • Learn why using Neo 3D printers and Somos® resins can result in cost and time savings
  • Find out why RPS and DSM resin is easy to run, and when matched, optimizes part quality for your application

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