Protein Utilization

Selected Species

Efficient protein utilization reduces feed costs, incidence of footpad dermatitis and environmental impact

The effect of protein levels

  • Reducing feed costs with an alternative protein source may help your bottom line but the effects on flock performance and the environment may negatively impact your top line.
  • Proteases can be added to a diet to speed up the breakdown of proteins, but proteases vary in their stability during feed processing and in their efficacy to digest protein.
  • Excess protein in the hindgut could increase the bird's susceptibility to enteric challenges.
  • Not meeting the vitamin requirements affects the bird metabolism resulting in suboptimal protein utilization.
  • Mycotoxins in the feed compromise protein digestibility in the bird.
  • Undigested protein from the gut goes into the environment, increasing welfare concerns and the environmental impact.

Protein utilization portfolio offering

We can optimize feed costs while reducing environmental impact by decreasing the amount of undigested protein. A second generation, advanced protease created specifically for feed with optimal pH and temperature stability and faster proteolytic ability increases protein digestibility. A novel precision- biotic redirects protein away from opportunistic pathogens and towards productive microbial protein metabolism. By providing optimum vitamins that

have higher bioavailability and by deactivating mycotoxins in the feed, efficient utilization of protein can be achieved. Using blood biomarker modeling to evaluate the dietary amino acid balance of the birds supports more consistent nutrition and health of your flock. By monitoring ammonia emissions, the environmental impact can be calculated. DSM provides comprehensive solutions to improve dietary protein utilization, ensuring a return on your investment.

  • RONOZYME® ProAct

    RONOZYME® ProAct is DSM best-in-class feed protease which increases protein digestion across a range of feed ingredients, thereby reducing feed costs. RONOZYME® ProAct optimizes amino acids digestion, reduces costs, mitigates effects of feed protein variability, reduces adverse effects of anti-nutritional factors as well as improves Gastrointestinal Functionality.

  • ProAct 360™

    DSM is the first and only supplier to launch its second generation feed protease, ProAct 360™, in order to further reduce production costs, while making animal production even more sustainable.

  • Symphiome™

    Symphiome™ is a complex glycan mixture technically defined as a Precision Biotic*. A first-of-its-kind microbiome metabolic modulator precisely designed to harness the power of the microbiome by modulating specific and highly conserved functional pathways to enhance the nutritional health and performance of the birds.

  • OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition®

    OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® is about feeding animals high quality vitamins, produced with the lowest environmental footprint, in the right amounts, appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions, to optimize: • Animal Health and Welfare ▶ good for animals • Animal Performance ▶ good for farmers • Food Quality & Food Waste ▶ good for consumers and the planet

  • Verax™

    Harness the power of data to get a deeper understanding of the overall health, productivity and welfare of your animals.

  • Sustell™

    Sustell™ is an intelligent sustainability service that combines the most advanced environmental foot printing calculation tool with expert sustainability, animal production and nutritional knowledge to create tailor-made, practical solutions and business development projects that enhance the environmental sustainability and profitability of animal farming. Sustell™ unlocks the value of animal production sustainability.

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

Efficient and sustainable poultry solutions

Poultry feed can amount to 70% of your overall production costs. Efficient nutrient utilization ensures healthy development, boosts productivity and improves performance. Learn about how at DSM we can help you drive your flock’s performance and profitability with confidence.