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David Nickell

Vice President Sustainability at DSM Nutritional Products, Animal Nutrition & Health



David Nickell is Vice President of Sustainability at DSM Nutritional Products and partners with the global livestock and aquaculture industries in helping them adopt innovative, scalable nutritional programs and technology to transform and improve the sustainability and economics of animal production.

Having spent two decades working in animal nutrition and health in global business, marketing, innovation and sustainability roles David knows what truly drives these industries to adopt change in the challenging world of sustainable food production.

David successfully led the global growth of DSM’s aquaculture and pet nutrition businesses, the DSM/Novozymes animal nutrition enzyme business and DSM eubiotics business. He has supported the development of numerous innovations ranging from novel enzymes and eubiotics to ruminant methane reduction technology and currently takes a leading role in establishing algal derived omega-3 as an alternative to marine resources for sustainable aquaculture growth.

David is very involved in the development of strategies and technologies to enable the sustainable development of food production to meet the demand of a growing population. As a member of DSM, he is engaged with leading third-party institutions and collaborations to contribute to the transformational changes occurring in our food eco-system.

David has a PhD in aquaculture nutrition from the University of Stirling.