Hy•D® helps close the calcium gap in dairy cows

Get faster, more consistent absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

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Dairy cows make major metabolic adjustments in the transition phase in order to support lactation, mobilizing calcium from skeletal reserves and energy from adipose reserves. These adjustments must be timely for the cows to meet their nutrient requirements for peak milk production in early lactation.

Hy•D® is a pure and proprietary vitamin D3 metabolite that fast tracks the transition phase to give dairy cows better performance. It improves calcium management and lifetime productivity of dairy cows and it works better than supplementing with vitamin D3 alone.

Manage the calcium deficit in transitioning cows.

Today’s high producing dairy cow makes major metabolic adjustments in the transition phase in order to support a profitable lactation. During the first nine weeks of lactation alone, a cow may have a calcium deficit of 10 g/day1, resulting in a potential loss of around 10% of stored calcium that may not necessarily be regained.

While anionic salt programs have been introduced to help combat the calcium gap, even an effective anionic salt will result in approximately 4.5 g/day of calcium excreted in urine.2 Therefore, an anionic salt program alone may not be enough to close the gap.

Hy•D® is the only form of 25-OH D3 studied in the calcium metabolism of dairy cows and can make your DCAD program more effective.3 Choosing Hy•D® for your dairy herd nearly doubles the calcium and phosphorus retention compared to diets without it.4

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Hy•D® is a more consistent solution for calcium management.

The unique mode of action of Hy•D® eliminates the need for conversion in the liver, thus directly providing the main circulating form of vitamin D. Including Hy•D® in a total mixed ration (TMR) allows for faster, more consistent absorption helping to close the calcium gap.4


Don’t take chances with your calcium management.

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