Hy•D™ is the 25-OH D3 standard

The numbers don’t lie. Not all 25-OH D3 are created equal.

When it comes to 25-OH D3, there are many misperceptions in the poultry industry. One of the most common, and costly, misperceptions is that other products are equivalent to the industry standard. 

Hy•D™ continues to set the standard for purity, bioavailability and performance. It’s the only 25-OH D3 in compliance with specifications in FDA regulations and the only pure form on the market today. 

Hy•D™ is approved for broilers, turkeys, layers, pullets and broiler breeders.

Purest Form

Made from a single ingredient with no other metabolites.

Improves FCR

Delivers better feed conversion than any other 25-OH D3.

Immune Function

Supports healthy immune function.

Birds fed Hy•D™ outperform the others.

The numbers don't lie.1 Hy•D™ birds outperformed the “Other 25-OH D3” in feed conversion ratio (FCR) in every customer scenario, and showed consistent improvement in yield compared to the birds with no 25-OH D3. 

See for yourself in this analysis of a year’s worth of data from Agri Stats comparing Hy•D™ and the “Other 25-OH D3."

Hy•D™ helps you get the most ROI for your operation.

The recommended feeding rate for 25-OH D3 is 62.5 mg based on all the chicken studies2 that DSM has conducted to obtain the best ROI and animal performance. Studies also show 62.5 mg is the dose level necessary to achieve optimal performance for bone and muscle development in chickens. And, at 45% lower cost per milligram 25-OH D3, you can be sure you’re getting the performance results you want with cost in mind.


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Hy•D™ benefits your birds — and your bottom line.

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Claims and content on this site only for North America. 

1Poultry Industry Data, 2008.

2Over 100 Hy•D global trials and papers written during the last 20 years make Hy•D the best studied 25-OH D3 source.