OVN™ Vitamins

Check vitamin levels in animal feed. Always.

All ingredients in animal feed are regularly evaluated and likewise vitamin levels and ratios require the same degree of attention. We therefore encourage the feed industry and all other stakeholders to check the vitamin levels in their animal feed. Always.

Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) is about feeding animals high quality vitamins in the right amounts and ratios appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions. To accomplish this, we are intensely engaged in research and development and we focus on partnering with all important stakeholders – leading scientists, universities, genetics companies, independent research institutes, and customers. This enables us to develop and produce a complete line of high quality vitamins and support the feed industry with the DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines.

See the Optimum Vitamin Nutrition Guidelines specific to your animals.

Broilers: Starter, Grower, Finisher.

Broiler breeders: Starter/Grower (Pullets), Layers and male breeders

Turkeys: Starter, Grower, Finisher.

Turkey breeders: Starter, Grower, Layers and male breeders

Hens and Duck layers, Layers breeders, Ducks and Geese, Partridges, Quails and pheasants, Ostrich and Emu

Fattening Pigs: Pre-starter, Starter, Grower, Finisher.

Breeders: Replacement gilts, Sows, Boars

Calves, milk replacer, Heifers, Beef cattle, Beef cows, Dairy cows, Breeding bulls Sheep & Goats

Foals, Leisure horses, Race horses, Mares and Stallions, Rabbits, Mick & Foxes

Dogs and cats

Salmon / Trout, Carp/Tilapia/Cat-fish, Eels, Seabream/Seabass, Shrimp

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