Victus® delivers the right mix of nutrients

Boost the development and output of your animals.

The Victus® line of animal nutrition products from DSM delivers the right mix of enzymes and/or antioxidants to your livestock. A nutrient-rich diet promotes more efficient growth and increases performance in a way that is beneficial to the animals, the environment and your bottom line.

Victus® Transition helps deliver better transitions.

Victus® Transition — a unique blend of beta-carotene and mixed tocopherols — provides much-needed provitamin A and antioxidants throughout the dairy cow transition period. This helps support stronger heats and improved colostrum quality in your dairy cows.

Victus® increases the efficiency of your poultry.

Victus® for Poultry optimizes the digestion process by precisely matching the right enzyme to each of your bird’s growth stages. As a result of this process, your birds get more nutritional value from the same amount of feed.

Experience the Victus® difference.

Learn how Victus® can boost the development of your poultry or dairy cattle.