The Feed Enzymes Alliance

The DSM-Novozymes Pioneering enzymes together

Demand for animal protein is increasing worldwide in response to unparalleled population growth and wide-ranging lifestyle changes. Meeting this demand in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable way presents challenges – as well as opportunities.

Feed enzymes have proven to be an effective biological solution to boost performance in a sustainable way.

The Alliance is greater than the sum of its parts

More than twenty years ago, two pioneers perceived the potential of feed enzymes and joined forces to explore the benefits of these innovative compounds. Combining their complementary capabilities and working hand in hand with their customers, they created a unique Alliance that has developed the industry’s most complete and innovative feed and gut health enzymes portfolio: The DSM | Novozymes Feed Enzymes Alliance.

Our pioneering partnership delivers improved animal performance while making a ground-breaking contribution to the sustainability of global livestock farming. And even as we look back on the first two decades of solving industry challenges together, this is just the start of our story: feed enzymes will play an increasingly key role in sustainable animal production in the years to come.

Solving industry challenges together

In an ever-changing environment, the feed industry is facing unprecedented challenges.

  • 70% increase in protein demand by 2050
  • Land scarcity and volatile feed prices
  • Acceleration of the phase-out of antibiotics
  • Environmental restrictions

Solving these challenges is the collective  responsibility of everyone in the industry: we all have an important role to play in making our activities more efficient and sustainable.

Creating sustainable value for our customers

Our enzyme solutions have the transformational power to maximize animal health and feed utilization, optimize feed costs, reduce the environment impact of animal production, and improve animal health and welfare.

  • We have the most comprehensive and targeted feed enzymes portfolio in the world, designed to unlock nutrients and energy in the diet.
  • Our profound understanding of the value chain, combined with our leading scientific insights, enables us to develop optimum and cost-effective enzyme solutions that are tailored to local needs.
  • Fully committed to driving the industry toward even more sustainable animal farming, we help you reduce and quantify your environmental impact.
  • We focus our science around individual livestock species, creating opportunities to develop completely new solutions and making us the industry innovator.

The partnership

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Making history with innovation

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