The partnership

The combined strength of two leaders

In a world in which livestock farming is coming under increasing consumer and regulatory pressures, we provide ethical, scientifically proven solutions that offer our customers competitive advantage and the opportunity for profitable growth.

As the environmental pressures on the planet grow, more and more organizations around the world are seeking cross-cutting solutions – partnerships that challenge traditional boundaries and combine their individual capabilities in dynamic and creative new ways. 

DSM and Novozymes have been doing this for two decades, uniting our different capabilities by means of a common mindset, a unique science platform, and highly effective ways of working together. 

Offering the world’s most comprehensive and unmatched range of feed and animal nutrition solutions across phytase, carbohydrase, protease and gut health enzymes, the DSM | Novozymes Alliance is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Working with the Alliance, you tap into more than 20 years of combined expertise in enzyme development and animal nutrition and health, giving you the freedom to focus and succeed in your business by feeding healthy animals in a sustainable way.

Our Alliance is based on three core attributes:

  • Expertise – the science and marketing of enzymes 
  • Robustness – of consistent, first-class quality products
  • Agility – through bringing game-changing, customer-centric innovations to market faster than ever before.

Building capabilities

The Alliance delivers not only product solutions, but also service solutions and training that enhance customer experience and capabilities. These include: 

  • Customer Enzyme Schools across different regions and Global Enzymes Summits, bringing together industry experts and customers. 
  • Dedicated digital decision-making tools, enabling our customers to better manage their business and activities. 
  • Analytical services for both raw materials and feed, helping customers to optimize diet composition end-to-end. 

“The Alliance is all about pushing boundaries. Not only will we continue to bring to the market the

best feed enzymes: we will strive to deliver new innovative gut health



“Our ambition is to keep building strong capabilities to continue shaping the future of enzymes

with and for our clients.”

– Novozymes

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