RONOZYME® MultiGrain

RONOZYME® MultiGrain – Multiply the benefits

The unique combination of xylanase, β- glucanase, cellulase and xyloglucanase enzymes.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is a unique combination of xylanase, β- glucanase, cellulase and xyloglucanase enzymes that dismantle the complex carbohydrates found in corn, barley and other cereal grains feed ingredients and their by-products. Thanks to its specific combination of enzyme activities.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain offers the flexibility to safely formulate optimum diets even when using highly variable and alternative raw materials.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain multi-enzymes activities degrade the complex cell-wall NSP structures, thus improving the release of entrapped energy & nutrients, as well as reducing intestinal viscosity.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain delivers:

  • Improvement of FCR and weight gain, consistently & significantly.
  • Flexibility in feed formulation across a broad range of cereal ingredients (corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, rye, millet, triticale, brown rice, oat)
  • Improved energy utilization 
  • Reduction of feed cost up to 10 €/t of feed
  • Improvement of gut health and litter quality

Optimal product formulation:

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is available in a heat-stable, free-flowing and dust-free (GT) form for feed pelleting process up to 90°C. 

A liquid form (L) for post-pelleting liquid applications is also available. 

Recommendations for use (for both GT & L forms)

  • Broilers: 50  g/mT (min. EU) - 100 g/mT
  • Layers: 80  g/mT
  • Turkey: 100 g/mT
  • Ducks: 50  g/mT  - 100 g/mT
  • Pigs: 100 g/mT
  • Always check and comply with local regulations.

The above recommendations are substrate depended.

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