Multiply the benefits of your feed with RONOZYME® MultiGrain

Target complex carbohydrates to improve the nutritional value of cereal grain feed ingredients.

In cereal grains, the outer layer and cell wall are made up of multiple complex fibers, which lock away important nutrients. To get the most from cereal ingredients in your feed, it takes the right enzymes to ensure the full nutrient value can be released.

RONOZYME® Multigrain is composed of a unique blend of xylanase, glucanase and cellulase enzymes that dismantle the complex carbohydrates found in corn, barley and other feed ingredients.

Multi-Enzyme Formulation

Targets complex carbohydrates in cereal grains.

Powered by Debranching Enzymes

Helps release entrapped nutrients.

Consistent Performance

Stable formula accurate dosing and high retention.

Multiple enzyme activities deliver multiple benefits.

Given the complexity of carbohydrates in cereal grains, more than one carbohydrase activity is required. RONOZYME® Multigrain is a non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) solution that combines the power of debranching enzymes with several important carbohydrases. Multi-enzyme activities work to degrade the tightly woven matrix of NSP structures in the cell wall, improving the release of entrapped energy and nutrients, while also reducing viscosity.

RONOZYME® Multigrain delivers:

  • Reduced feed costs
  • Improved energy utilization
  • High retention after pelleting
  • High degree of effectiveness in corn-based diets

The unique formulation offers other advantages.

In addition to its unique blend of carbohydrases, RONOZYME® Multigrain also contains other amounts of amylase, pectinase, protease, mannanase and debranching enzymes. This formulation brings benefits to poultry and swine, as well as your production:

  • Enzyme stability throughout the whole feed production process
  • Free-flowing form for excellent mixability and accurate dosing
  • Dust-free nature for safe handling

Get the optimal product formulation for optimal performance.

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