RONOZYME® RumiStar™ boosts cattle digestive efficiency

Reduce feed costs and increase gains for a higher per cow revenue.

Starch is the main source of energy in cattle diets, which consists primarily of corn. However, starch digestion in cattle is a complicated process. RONOZYME® RumiStarTM — the only in-feed Alpha-amylase enzyme — helps cattle break down starch more efficiently for improved performance at the feedyard.

Alpha-amylase helps cattle break down starch.

Alpha-amylase shifts more starch digestion to the rumen — rather than the large intestines — so starch breaks down earlier in the system. Cattle have more time to absorb it, resulting in more efficient energy use.1 This provides:

  • More starch energy to the animal
  • Increased forage digestion
  • Better use of cattle’s total diet
  • Reduced feed costs

Better digestion reduces feed costs and increases gains.

If you can get more performance out of your rations, you can get more production out of your cattle and lower your feed costs.

RONOZYME® RumiStarTM, a pure Alpha-amylase available in dry or liquid form, helps improve the feed efficiency of your cattle. When cattle are fed RONOZYME® RumiStarTM, the response at the feedyard has been increased starch digestibility, improved average daily feed intake (ADFI) and increased average daily gains (ADG).2

RONOZYME® RumiStar™ gets real results.

A recent Minnesota feedyard demonstration showed numerous improvements when using RONOZYME® RumiStar™ compared to a control (no enzyme) group. Cattle fed RONOZYME® RumiStar™ showed the following improvements:

  • 0.80 lb increase in intake
  • $0.11/head/day reduction in feed cost
  • $0.06/head/day increase in gain
  • $0.17/head/day increase in value for 150-day feeding period
  • $25.50/head increase in overall value

Discover the benefits of RONOZYME® RumiStar™.

Find out how your operation could benefit from incorporating RONOZYME® RumiStar™ into your rations.

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