Enzyme FAQs

Expert answers to common questions

This is our FAQ page where you will find answers to questions we are often asked about our feed enzymes.


What are enzymes and how do they work?

Why do animals need enzymes in the feed?

Do pigs benefit from enzymes as chickens do?

What are the challenges an enzyme undergoes from shelf through the gut?

Enzymes: the journey from the shelf to the out.

Has a good heat protection negative impact on bio availability?

Enzymes thermostability can be compatible with bioavailability.

Can I compare different units from different manufacturers?

Are enzymes safe products?


What are the selection criteria for purchasing a phytase?

What is the difference between a 3- and a 6-phytase?

How much phosphorus can a phytase release?

Can all phytases measure with the same method?

How is it with the pH curves?

Can we use pH curves for selecting the right phytase for pigs?


What is a protease?

How can proteases improve broiler welfare?

What are the selection criteria for purchasing a protease?

How can a protease support sustainability?

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