Proteases are enzymes secreted by animals for a number of physiological processes, including the digestion of feed protein.

Adding protease to your animals’ diet delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased protein digestibility
  • Improved protein utilization by the animal
  • Decreased reliance on expensive protein sources
  • Reduced nitrogen excretion from your livestock

Protein is one of the most expensive components of any livestock diet. Proteases allow you to reduce the amount of protein needed per animal to lower your overall feed costs.

DSM best-in-class and dedicated proteases increase protein digestion across a range of feed ingredients, thereby reducing feed costs.

RONOZYME® ProAct enhances performance.

Specifically developed for inclusion in animal diets, RONOZYME® ProAct significantly increases the digestibility of protein. It complements naturally occurring proteases in feed and considerably increases amino acid and peptide supply so as to enhance animal performance.

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