Controlling swine odor – for a cleaner future

Reducing the odor of swine units is sure to make everyone happier – the animals, the workers and even the neighbors! We have developed an effective way to do this.

Swine production has traditionally been associated with an unmistakable odor. So far, this has been a largely unavoidable consequence of swine production. But our swine manure management product helps to change this state of affairs.

PureGro™ is a special microbial feed additive which changes the way manure decomposes. It improves manure digestion and substantially reduces the production of unpleasant odors.

PureGro™ is added directly to feed, which means it is spread consistently throughout manure. This also ensures that it starts working sooner.

PureGro™ improves manure management, delivering:

  • Reduced odors with significantly lower ammonia and fatty acid production
  • Improved manure handing and reduced costs of pit emptying
  • Faster-dissolving manure, which leads to savings in clean-up-related labor and water costs
  • Better fertilizer value from manure

That’s not all. PureGro™ has also been shown to increase the feed-to-gain ratio. So you get better-performing swine and a more pleasant environment, all with one product.

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