PGNs are an overlooked threat to poultry performance

Overcoming these hidden problems helps improve gastrointestinal functionality.

The greatest threats to efficient and profitable poultry performance are the ones that go unobserved. These hidden threats secretly chip away at normal broiler digestive processes, diverting nutrients and energy away from growth and efficiency.

Peptidoglycans (PGNs), the main components of dead bacterial cell debris, are constantly being released into the gastrointestinal tract as bacterial cells divide and die. All bacteria have PGNs in the cell wall, and massive numbers of bacteria die in the intestine every day.

PGNs chip away at efficient feed utilization.

PGNs can potentially impede normal digestive and absorptive processes by interfering with enzyme-substrate connections necessary for nutrient digestion. They may also decrease absorption by the microvilli to lower nutrient uptake. When these issues are chronic, it may hinder the growth of the poultry.

Reducing PGNs removes barriers to growth.

For years, all interventions (nutritional and health) targeted living bacteria, not bacterial cell debris. Balancius® addresses this problem head on. It’s the first and only feed ingredient that targets PGNs to support gut health. This helps support better gastrointestinal functionality, and results in improved nutrient availability and increased feed conversion in poultry. 


Balancius® leads to better gut health and growth.

See how this innovative ingredient unlocks the hidden potential in your poultry.