Lets live in a better world tomorrow

Sustainability is our core purpose… So, what does it mean to me? I reflected on 2 people’s perspective… one what my ANH President, Ivo, says and secondly on what is important to my 7-year old daughter.

Ivo talks about the importance of animal proteins like dairy, eggs, meats and fish and how we should put our heads together with our customers to help them produce it in the most sustainable way possible.

My daughter says (and demonstrates on her drawings): Appa (means father in Tamil), please help me live in a better world tomorrow…

And that’s why I love my job! That’s what gets me excited to get out of bed every morning. Growing our Specialty business whether thru feed enzymes, eubiotics, carotenoids or unique molecules like HyD or Veramaris helps us not only meet the business KPIs set by Pieter, Christie and Ivo, but it also helps me look my daughter in the eye and give her the confidence that her Appa is doing something meaningful to protect her world…everyday!

And that’s why I liked so much and I am fully embracing the WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE new ANH positioning, as it supports our ambition to be the world leader in animal nutrition & health, providing tangible and measurable solutions to our customers so together we can tackle the biggest challenges facing society & the animal protein industry.

At DSM, we strongly believe in sustainable food systems and that the livestock industry can transform itself from within to be a part of the solution. We want to play a key role in this transformation and work at species and country level, with our partners, to provide tangible and actionable solutions to create brighter lives for all.

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

So, let’s make it possible!

All the best,

Achyuth Iyengar
​​​​​​​Director Specialty Solutions APAC