While mistake is our greatest teacher, breaking the cycle is our greatest action

As a child, my most valuable lesson does not come from the education that I gained in school. While a mistake is our greatest teacher, breaking the cycle is our greatest action.

I was merely seven when I saw my uncle cleaning a big used metal oil drum. He went on to place the drum in the middle of the concrete fish pond and filled the drum with heated water. I was a curious child who squatted at the side of the pond, observing what the adult does and taking interest in the animals that we called carps. Within minutes, I witnessed the white spot (Ichtyopthirius multifilis), which is the first parasite that I have to learn later in my Parasitology classes, dropped off from the body of the fish. The increase of temperature in the water has killed both the trophont (commonly known as white spot) that reside on the body and gills as well as the free swimming stage of the parasites known as tomont.

The lesson I learned that day was of high value to a seven-year-old. It proved that to get a change we have to break a cycle, do things differently. As we grow up, adults and society always tell us that things are not that easy…While we can make it complicated by painting a complex scenario which makes execution and change non-actionable or delayed, there are other true believers that drive change forward. DSM provide me with the platform to take the change approach.

Ronozymes portfolio from DSM has given me great flexibility for change in aquafeed formulation, from reducing the use of marine resources, allowing more usage of local raw materials to improvements in digestibility and production enhancements. The use of HiPhos & ProAct in aquafeed support responsible management in all aquaculture systems, from pond to cage farming, by reducing phosphorus and nitrogen waste to the water bodies. The catalytic capabilities of DSM enzymes help to reduce the use of inorganic phosphates and reduce the risk of eutrophication. As an aquaculturist, I am particularly excited with our Rovimax Boost portfolio that helps to tackle AMR (antimicrobial resistance) and promote the aquatic animal well-being by reducing the negative impact of disease, stress and improve the survival rates.

The WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE positioning supports our ambition to be the world leader in animal nutrition & health, providing tangible and measurable solutions to our customers so together we can tackle the biggest challenges facing society & the animal protein industry.

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

So, let’s make it possible!

All the best,

Chiow Yen Liew
Marketing Manager Aqua, APAC​​​​​​​