I can confidently say “Yes”, for how we and I can do something meaningful for sustainability

Prior to joining DSM, one of my best memorable moments was to get the prestigious Porter prize (i.e. Mr Michael Porter, Harvard professor) for CSV (Creating Shared Value) award. This was awarded to recognize the sustainability project - 'Turning wastable by-product into a new sustainable solution', which I had led the project team to enable fermentation production site to stop sea dumping of by-product and eventually to sell the wastable by-product as a new feed additive in the animal nutrition industry.
Ironically, the CSV award day on December 7th, 2016 was one of my worst unforgettable days because I couldn’t answer confidently to one specific question from local mass-media panels – “Can you make sure to replicate this project with other production sites in the company ?”
I said it’s conceptually possible but indeed hard to see a chance to copy and paste this project into other sites due to the majority of them being chemical synthesis plants.
Now that I am part of DSM, I can confidently say “Yes”, for how we and I can do something meaningful for sustainability, which is obviously ascertainable from the Royal DSM’s annual report. DSM is the living proof of sustainability as it has been walking the talk by supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Moreover, the We Make it Possible initiative helps us deliver on our sustainability commitment in a more pragmatic manner by offering our products along with our solutions that improve the quality of meat, milk, fish and eggs while reducing food loss & waste. This is critical to those whose livelihood depends on profitable animal production.
Our six sustainability platforms are helping us work more collaboratively with our customers and partners to enable them to become more sustainable while improving their businesses because they can secure quality products and reduce their environmental footprint.
In Korea, we have recently commercialized a new project with Ganong Bio, a market leader in the layer industry. With our customized nutritional solutions, Ganong Bio has been able to improve the lifetime performance of farm animals and improve the quality of eggs while reducing food loss and waste in animal protein value chain. Consequently, DSM has also established nutritional initiatives with industry leaders to enhance the lifetime performance of chickens, to produce higher quality eggs and reducing food waste.
The WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE initiative supports our ambition to be the world leader in animal nutrition & health, providing tangible and measurable solutions to our customers so together we can tackle the biggest challenges facing society & the animal protein industry, making animal producers proud again of their efforts to feed the world. At DSM, we strongly believe in sustainable food systems and that the livestock industry can transform itself from within to be a part of the solution. We want to play a key role in this transformation and work at species and country level, with our partners, to provide tangible and actionable solutions to create brighter lives for all.  

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

We Make It Possible !!!

Grant Choi
General Manager, ANH Korea