We are working together with our customers to ensure more efficient use of the finite natural resources

As a little boy from a small integrated family farm in the largest delta of the world where we grew rice, jute and potato and reared cattle, goats and fished, my destiny was determined to be an agriculturist. Prior to joining DSM as a technical service manager, I served as an animal nutritionist in the Bangladesh livestock sector for more than a decade, when I helped feed millers in producing the cheapest feeds with the best possible animal performance.

This situation changed when, due to feed raw materials soaring prices and our government banning the use of antibiotics as growth promoters, feed millers, nutritionists and breeders had to rethink bird performance and their profitability. A big part of nitrogen and phosphorus fed to animals were disposed at the environment for not being digested by the animals. Environmental pollution due to livestock farming was not considered yet part of the nation malnutrition issue. Temperatures were increasing in a rapid rate and the climatic condition was becoming harsher, with the frequency of natural disasters increasing. This harsh climate induced even more stress in the animals and thus further reduced animal performance.

In search of a solution to mitigate both animal performance and feed profitability, enzymes, specially phytase and protease, arrived in our market like blessings for feed millers and nutritionists, that not only reduced formulation cost with them but also reduced the production environmental footprints. At DSM, I am educating our customers and prospects in how to lower their formulation cost; get consistent animal performance; improve the quality of the animal proteins and reduce environmental pollution so that animal farming becomes more sustainable holistically. We are working together to ensure more efficient use of the finite natural resources we have and there is much more to be done.

The WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE new positioning supports our ambition to be the world leader in animal nutrition & health, providing tangible and measurable solutions to our customers so together we can tackle the biggest challenges facing society & the animal protein industry, making animal producers proud again of their efforts to feed the world. At DSM, we strongly believe in sustainable food systems and that the livestock industry can transform itself from within to be a part of the solution. We want to play a key role in this transformation and work at species and country level, with our partners, to provide tangible and actionable solutions to create brighter lives for all.    

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

So, let’s make it possible!

All the best,

S. Chayon Kumar Barma

Technical Service Manager, Bangladesh